Chick Waste gun mini boss idea 💡

Waste Gun
This type of chick gun is similar to Gatling Gun but throws waste instead of eggs (Three times).

When it is destroyed, it throws four wastes to the last place it landed, and then a chick will be ejected, and the higher the difficulty, the faster it will be.

Finally the ejected chick drop waste faster than other type of chicks

More informations :
Speed of waste :It depends on the difficulty of the stage
Difficulty of the gun : 80%
Time between waste throws: There is a difference of one second between those 3 wastes and 5 seconds between restarting to fire the waste, which inter action studios may change.
The gun and the Explosion picture is made by @Darth_Skembesion
And other things made by @blue_ocean


When can we stop suggesting Gatling Gun’s brothers?


Don’t worry it’s just a waves that’ll end, like the “new waves” wave.


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