Chick Flamethrower

Since there are a lot of such enemies lately, I also decided to prepare something!
Behold, Chick Flamethrower
ChickGatlingGun (1) (1)
The bar at the top shows its fire capacity, when spawned it breathes fire until the bar is exhausted or until you kill it.

What happens when the fire runs out? The front part comes off and he is forced to use the solar ball to shoot the player.

Appears at 80% difficulty.

One steak from the hero, please, it must be well done!


That’s actually really interesting, well thought

You got that idea from Barbecuer & Henterprise didn’t you :smirk: still cool, but the front part comes off it will act like ufo plate? Like the player has to shoot it or else it will hurt him?

Also when it breathes fire will it burn player’s & enemies bullets?


reminds me to this
“a chick that uses banqueter”

It would be a nice addition

I’d rather not, it would be hard to kill.

You can add it to OP if you like it.

Hmm… how about enemies’ projectiles only? That’ll come in handy.

It depends, because it would make the game easier.

How is a fire supposed to work?

  • Must burn the player’s bullets
  • Must burn the enemies bullets
  • Must burn player’s and enemies bullets
  • Don’t burn anything

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Meet the Pyro-chick


It would really be a nightmare if this chick appeared

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Since it’s supposed to burn the player’s bullets, so does the satellite’s bullets.

But how to solve it?


Good idea! It should get bigger and destroy enemies, player and their bullets too.


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