🗨 Chatting place

The text emoticon says different.

Ha, I knew that something happened. There’s no way people here are that chatty to make 344 messages in just 6 days.

Yeah. But why did you ask if you’re going to do it anyway?

Well. I sold everything.

Oh, you’re right. Finally. I was wondering when would it happen because I literally stopped visiting the forum and you need to still match the requirements to keep it.

True. Only flagging which I didn’t use in long time. For everything else member is enough. The only weird thing is that I can’t access my topic in lounge category. But it’s closed already so not a problem, just weird.


this is fine

i also fine when i stay member, but there is still drama happening so we need to get rid of it


Nah, he meant that he’s fine with it (I know weird).

For some reason I knew you would say that, lol.

Why? And are you planning to buy more or not?

There weren’t any post at it for long anyway.

i mean i am normal person like others :\

That face means there’s something wrong with you.

Pretty smol

hi qbus


Nah, i told you before that it means i am normal

Then use :|| (with only one line symbol or multiple if you want)

qbus is young

Whatever. I’m telling you that it’ll confuse more people tho.

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Why should he use any? It’s just a waste. just don’t write weird faces, easy.

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120th anniversary with Ion Blaster only, No Deaths, No Overheat, No Missiles, No Special Weapons can be slightly tricky. Wave 61/120 and going forward, halfway there; this will be fun.


Ooh, a drama. So it is serious?

Get rid of what?


Well. Since I’m not playing and we are going to have a reset when EA ends then I thought that I can experiment and use different stuff. I also upgraded all my warp drive stuffs and parking bot to max + bought plasma riffle and corn shotgun on max. Probably gonna also sell them later.

Yeah, with that 14 days auto-closing it’s obvious that it closes after there are no replies. Which I still think is weird and it would be better to just punish people that bump topic without a good reason. But whatever it’s not my forum and I’m not even regular anymore so I don’t care.

God dang it. If only we had this planet when we resurrected the planeteers community. It is extraordinary small. Well, I can go there anyway.


I fail to see what does “hi qbus” have with my age? How did you connect those things?

Some are good. After all there were invented to make a statement more obvious, because not always you can detect how a person feels when he writes something.
: ) <- this one was first and it meant that you feel good about something
: ( <- and this one meant that you’re not exactly happy about something.
Then came emojis and then animojis and somewhere along was emoji movie and we as humanity reverted to using hieroglyphs. Weird times.




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well mishelb wrote “hi qbus” in very small size so i made a joke about it


if you came back a little bit earlier

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Location, if you need it (bottom left corner):


very smol system

Welp slipped and got the Utensil Poker. My goal is ruined, time to keep it with the forks until I get again the Ion Blaster but this is unforgivable to me -.-

Got back the Ion blaster at wave 77, back to Ion only :upside_down_face:

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Oh good, hope you don’t ruin it again