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@FridayFunkinSussyVN Can you please stop spamming likes on all my posts? Like them with a reason dude, it’s got annoying now :angry:


I just realized: V.124 will probably be the last early access version

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It’s probably going to be version 125.

Great, they took me off the regular.

What’s the most chaotic thing in CIU Multiplayer?
  • Deaths
  • Satellite flashbombs (Especially ICBMs)
  • Bullet Hurricane
  • Superweapon Storm
  • Hardpoint chaos
  • Trends (Like “_someRandom” or “Callsign [quest rank]”)
  • Something else…
  • Waves with mass extremely dangerous enemies
  • 5+ players

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Spamming clucker bombs to set everyone’s FPS to 1

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You can pick “Superweapon Storm” because cluckers count

didn’t notice


1st. It doesn’t even lag my potato PC.
2nd. Clucker bombs lag more.
3rd. Just in case, ping isn’t FPS.


All a player requires to lag my pc is a flashy and dense ghost trail

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Did you guys get daily stipend today?

also when you say old OpenGL you mean the OpenGL that you just do:
glTriangle(0.5, 0.5, 0.5);
glTriangle(-0.5, -0.5, -0.5);
glTriangle(0.5, -0.5, 0.5);

to make a polygon?
cuz in modern opengl you make a VBO/VAO (EBO is optional) and use a shader to draw
or its just old version of the modern opengl?

ohhh so that explains pirated versions, cuz pirates just took paid versions from third party sites that IA happened to also put their games there and decided to pirate those versions instead of pirating the actual IA site versions, now that makes sense
so that’s why when you download CI3, CI4, CI5 pirated you get no coop and no cheats (in other words no bitches) cuz its not the website version, now i get it.
anyways i am happy to have the complete set on steam and also CI3 - 5 bought from IA website and supporting their hard work, i swear Allow cheats makes these games more fun so that if i just wanna relax and not grind keys etc… i can just use Allow Cheats and just have some fun

you can actually get version 4.13 , 3.53, 3.51 xmas and 5.05 which do feature coop and allow cheats but they are VERY rare and usually when you look at YT tuts on how to pirate CI 3 - 5 you will most likely get a version of the games with no allow cheats and it completely skips to solo when selecting “save the world” so i am VERY conflicted about that thing

Im sorry, its DirectX (not OpenGL). You may can check the reason here cuz i dont know how to explain

(Man, i should have send this in the first place)

Iirc, there’s a user name “EdyDude” has commit share all the CI games (with cheat/latest version) on MediaFile but then iA seen and deleted it on March, 2018. This mostly the reason why people dont want to send the game to public place like YT.

What is the hardest environment combo in the game?
  • Frozen + Lightning + Heavy
  • Hot + Lightning + Heavy

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photon is amazing in 2002


wow! amazing!