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Stealing, nah it’s better than from impostor!

kid’s true answer :wink:

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Mastermind, i do that too :wink:

2 days and 1 month left before stopped working for users of “Steam” in win 8.1.

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You clucking right!
IA seems to be VERY busy to mange accounts…somebody have to take care of it.

goofy ah stuff

is it just me or this is not working


wh why

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Hehe… What do you guys think?
  • Abomination YEAH
  • Abomination Noh…
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This would be a great Double Team boss.

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look great better like a ironman mission.

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Instead of suggesting a new Skill, why don’t we balancing SSH or other Skills?

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Isn’t the game fine enough with what it has?

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Lol yolk-star got sanitized

Thats the reeeeeeeal question we should ask!

instead of people buffing S-S-H, i wouldn’t say balancing it is a good idea
otherwise we are gonna ANOTHER DRAMA on some skill issues god-damn it
just leave as it is

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