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wow i got a yes lick from old post xD
very nice
very very nice

who flagged my post and reason please


Discourse bugged out, though I wouldn’t mind if someone did actually flag your posts.


You could at least, I don’t know, point which post was flagged? Link below sends me to the beginning of topic as reply doesn’t exist.

I’m tired of this now :worried:

The post above the “stop bringing discord stuff here” reply (they are sadly deleted, but that’s what i remember)


actually it wasn’t me this time tbh

It’s with Discourse treating auto-deleted messages flagged once as removed by staff.

Basically, you only get notified if a post reaches more than three flags, or if a flagged post is removed, which in this case, is the latter.

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first discourse keep closing the poor meme topic

and now it keeps treating with flags

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Actually. The bug with flags was first.

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wow after 1 year


Yes, that’s a large bump

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Well I’m so glad it’s finally got added!

1 year you say?


what is the idea

The title of the topic you were viewing is the idea he’s talking about

but what is this phase

Brothers now become enraged when their sibling dies

So basically if you kill Special Forces or Party Time at “Brothers Reunited” the other boss that’s still alive will be mad & wants revenge, so it’ll became harder. That’s all.