Charity Powerup Points Removal

Just come on, what is the point of upgraping weapons if charity exist, and also gives u free points too, just like Boggy suggested about key point removal, could Charity Points get removed too?
They can even get u to FP 8 in most mission starts and get u even 10,000 points in a row.
Super Star hero skill shouldn’t have charity as is supossed to be the most hard skill ingame, and charity removal in this skill could also make the skill more challenging and make it worth the keys we use upgraping our weapons.

Also the Charity Appearance should be less the higher the skill is.


How about just no points from charity FP?


Removed charity for Seasoned+ skill levels (although, I fear that this is going to give people more reason to dis/reconnect mid-mission)

Changed in v.45 :medal_sports: Idea

I’m increasingly of the opinion that skill levels (except Tourist/Rookie) should ONLY be used when the player has conquered the ‘vanilla’ difficulty (i.e., only when they can easily handle ‘un-skilled’ missions up to 100% difficulty), possibly months down the line, and not as something you slap on there for bragging rights from day one.

I also feel there’s too many people complaining that the game is too hard when they’re playing 90%-100% missions plus SSH. 100% difficulty should be manageable by only 10% of the players, and 140% difficulty should be barely manageable for the best of the best, period. And Universal Grandmaster is not happening any time soon.


You could make it so disconnecting over 30 seconds from the start of the wave or leſs than 10 seconds after loſing a life (on the ſame wave) comes with a penalty.

I 100% agree with this - Superstar Hero shouldn’t be a joke.

Only thing I might add is that this should be communicated more clearly to new players so they don’t end up thinking that a difficulty boost is a “small deal”


Still waiting for Universal Grandmaster

Basically if you’re losing 1 life are the begining with a weaker weapon it means that the mission is over because you’re not gone make it surviving
What Kind of idea is that :face_with_monocle::-1:

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Completely agree. This is why I’m conſtantly begging for the difficulty to be increaſed; I find that maximum difficulty miſſions are often manageable.


As things stand, there are two things wrong with charity:

  1. It makes upgrading your weapon at the store practically pointless.
  2. It gives a lot of points.

So, let me try a different approach. Charity is reduced by half for Seasoned+, and never awards points (in any difficulty).


I agree at 50%…
1.the points after all it’s not evan a big deal so for this one 100% agree

my suggestion is from virtuoso- instead …because that little help charity is very useful on higher difficulties and I mean Super Hero…and I think that should remain unchangeable on Super Hero


  1. No points
  2. Only given provided a life has been lost (i.e., not a the start of a mission) on all skills.

In this case could you reduce the maximum charity from 9 on boſs waves to 8? Otherwiſe dyïng at the end of the firſt wave of a boſs ruſh ſounds like a reaſonable way to increaſe one’s firepower, if the boſs only drops a preſent you don’t want.

That’s not going to affect things significanty.

Maybe restricting max charity to the wave number. So max charity 5 on wave 5, and so on (up to the normal maximum)


This is genius! Please add it. :smiley:


Ouch. Don’t die a bunch of times on the firſt wave of a boſs ruſh…

Then again, I think that’s uſuälly a fairly good rule of thumb regardleſs.

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No, it’s not unfair. Just practice and you will notice it’s fair.

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It’s kinda ok, but in epic waves I’m not sure the charity amount reduce will help us

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The truth is that removing charity points is bad because new players when playing high difficulty missions would have a harder time getting through the mission, perhaps on low difficulties, but on high difficulties it would be very difficult to pass the mission for new players . , since they do not have keys to improve the weapon and the missions above 50% to 100% would be very difficult, but in my opinion this would be very bad for new players who have nothing. so you can upgrade your weapons

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Points only affects your rating and tier progress. You still get it’s power so it would be just as hard as before. The other hand is limiting them to wave number (what IA said before), this indeed would make game a bit harder for player with not upgraded weapon.
Still, new players wouldn’t be playing hard missions for reasons:

  1. Tier. They simply can’t access hard missions.
  2. Protection. They can’t go to sun where missions are harder from the beginning because they need to buy different modules.
  3. New player is not a new player if they can pass hard mission. If they can, they already experienced player.

Oh boy. This hits extremely close to my discussion on Colosseum topic and challenges.

Solution: Play lower difficulties and earn keys while mastering the game. Win-win situation.

Or maybe he’s just a returning veteran from other episodes?

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