Change of skin for 2 trophies from the campaign

I would like to mention 2 things about the trophies from the difficulty levels.

First of all - each trophy, with the exception of the iron one (the easiest mission), has a number of stars that show the difficulty level. The trophy (hard mission) has 3 stars and the rest from the top have the same number of stars than, for example, 5 for an elite mission.

Secondly - these 3 hard mission trophies are the same color and nothing special is not that different, only the changed texture in very hard mission and the addition of a bow and beads in the elite trophy.

I would like to show you what I think these two trophies could look like

Very hard Campaign trophy (diamond)

Elite Campaign trophy (crimson (or maybe ruby?))


good idea


The way a trophy or medal looks has little to do with the skill it takes to earn it. It is nice to be recognized for the accomplishment but the pride should be from being successful not by the way the trophy looks. Be well all…


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