Can't download update file


Hey guys I see a problem downloading version 2 by the link posted. The link just downloads the 55.5 MB, version 1.2 file I downloaded 2 days ago and when I install it shows me update to version 2 again. Can someone post the update file here?
Note : I tried uninstalling the game twice
Please upload the update for me


But it works for me though


Hey @InterAction_studios can you give another separate link? Because this link isn’t working for me


If you have the file so please upload it for me


Someone please halp me :sob:


Idk what is the problem… I just downlaod the link and the game got updated herself.


When I click the link it downloads the previous version


Something is probably still caching your old file. We’ve just renamed the file to 2_1 , try it now


Ok I’ll try again now


Yes my problem solved and now entered the game thanks!

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