Can any one say what is this award

and this?

and why im not have this ?

only 69420 years old player has that medal B(


the first medal, give IA an a idea (must be a good idea and summit it to IA the first) and IA like it then he make it and woosh, you have the medal
the seccond medal, find a bug, report to IA ( you have to report before anyone found it) then explain how do you get it, IA attemp to try that and if that bug is re-creatable, you get a medal

cant understand you? and whats IA?

IA is the first player of Chicken invader B(


IA is the one who make chicken invader game duh

So, who do you think is the developer of this game?

oh interactions yes

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report bugs and suggest ideas to get the medals

i want report how?

just find bugs in the game lol

i mean how to report?

post in early access topic

isnt the explanation in the green box too obvious

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