Bx 9 change

the extra firepower you get when you get 18+10 firepower is for both weapon pods
for the bx 9.
this should be for a single pod,just like every other bx ship.
but you can make 18+10 for one weapon pod and 18+12 for both of them,as it adds up to 30.


There will be a change in power of fire?
If 18+10 be on 2 pods i think its like using free damage ampfiler (idk)


The damage amplifier(by name) amplifies damage for this spacecraft.it has nothing to do with its firepower

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what is this supposed to be for? every bomber gets an upgrade to both weapon pods on max power, for bx-9 it’s power 10 on both pylons

The bx8 gets to 17 fp when it reaches 16+10.
The bx7 gets to 15 fp when it reaches 14+10.
So they get an extra firepower for one weapon pod,not two,since 2 fp is 1+1 fp
(One for each pod)
But the bx9 gets to 20 fp when it reaches 18+10.
In order to fix it there are 2 solutions:
1.the bx9 gets to 19 fp instead of 20.
2.same as ‘1.’ Except you get to 20 fp when you reach 18+12 since you get a bonus for reaching 30 fp.

No they don’t.I tested the bx8’s 16+10 against the bx9’s 18 and the result was different.

if that’s true then just make it the same on other bombers

You didn’t do a great job then. Beam width in pixels.


It’s good to see you again :skull:

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