Bx-6 hrunting

Hi, I have a problem with Bx-6 hrunting, there is a circle whenever I move the mouse which make it hard for me to control my spaceship in movement.
how can I get rid of it?

You can’t. It’s intended as bombers are supposed to be slower than Mullers and H&C’s

manuvering jets.

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Even with jets, the bomber still has to follow the circle, it’s still not instantly fast like Mullers or H&C’s.

yes but it helps


BX are supposed to be slow due to its weight, that’s why it has a circle. this can be also overserved in all ships in massive environments

yes it helped a lot because it was very slow, thanks!

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you don’t have to click the button multiple times

I used to pilot a BX-8 Excalibur, but then the speed was too slow for some missions so I eventually found this Shady Dealer and got a deal similar to this.

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