Bugs Bugs and More Bugs

Hello! I got a few bugs. I have a little green bug and a red bug and a chicken invaders bug. Nevermind…

The first bug is when you play this bubble wave with this dodger chickens if you aim at the middle chicken while it is in bubble. It tries to dodge and got out of bubble. And you can kill it when it got out. I tried it and it worked.

My next bug is at this egg-astroid wave. As you know when you crack eggs they drop coins. And in that wave, coins stays as they dropped without affecting from gravity. That part is normal. After that when you kill the chicken in the egg, meat drops. BUT it just get affect with gravity and falls to the ground. In my opinion it shouldnt be like that. Meats shouldnt affect from gravity too.

And another bug is mostly at gyroscope wave but works in another waves too I guess… When you try to shoot a chicken with riddler at gyroscope wave. It gets really high knockback and gets out of arena with hyperspeed. A few moments later it comes back with same speed. The knockback should be less for riddler or at least a limit for knockback should exist.

Got a new bug. That one is purple! No really

If you are using plasma rifle with clickspam in twice infinities boss. If these bullets deals damage to one of the twins while they are doing their beam bond attack. The beam bond attacks sound gone cause of attack with plasma rifle. Sorry for bad grammar but its a bit difficult to explain.

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  1. Hmmm… I think its intended, since eggs go on their paths and chickens wherever. It would make it even harder to collect everything.
  2. Didnt test, but make sure those arent the general metal suit chickens, as they recieve higher knockback from everything.

I’m pretty ſure you ſtated three non-bugs particular to ſpecific chickens/waves.

But they are getting knockback really high and they are coming back with same speed. There should be a knockback limit.

Added one new thing. Its absolulately a bug.