BUG with sattelites?

bug ? : when you start a mission and you have satellites then satellites comes first :

if you leave game and again enter (if you are flying mission) then :

may be this is bug

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That’s because if you played previous episodes, you will notice that the ship enters the stage by flying into it. Until then, the satellites would not be attached with the ship.

so it will intended ?

Yes. If I already said that it happened in CI episodes.

ok i have another bug with weapons , i cannot explain you my typing , only by image. (but i have no image)

Then try to encounter the bug and then take a screenshot.

ok , i am talking about this, maybe this will be a bug , on left pylon lightning fryer :

I saw this many times and it does not looks good.

I can’t understand your idea. This is normal in my view.

Not aligned properly or smaller particles?

Have you ever played CI4 or CI5 before? You’ll notice that in these episodes too. However, I think it’s intended.

Not aligned properly is normal. Since Lightning Fryer moves while firing it. Also, smaller particles is normal. The reason is obvious.

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If they notice it on H&C, then yes it’s obvious at very first time

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but this dont looks good. this was same case with laser cannon , but IA fixed it.

This case is normal for lightning fryer.

I don’t see anything wrong here.

You mean that it doesn’t look symmetrical? This is because the left flare is much smaller that the right one (flare sizes are random).

All gun positions are symmetrical with respect to the spacecraft body – this is enforced in the code, so there’s no chance of a bug there.


i will send this photo again .

see this photo again , flare is not in good position

this is not a bug ? I saw this every time on only left side . right side is always ok .