Bug with barbequer vs. UCO green laſers

I diſcovered that the green laſers of the UCO are only vaniſhed by the barbequer if you hit their tip, but not the ſide. Here are a couple of ſcreenſhots of what I mean:

This works, and the laſer vaniſhed juſt afterwards, but

This doeſn’t.

Acknowledged. Hard to fix, because the barbequer treats all enemy projectiles as points (not lines).

Huh. I figured the projectiles detected the barbequer, not the other way round.

Would it be poſſible for the barbequer to ſee three or four points of the beam?

Possible, yes. But unlikely (knock-on development effort too great for too little payoff). Bug allowed to stand. :frowning:

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