[BUG] Transparent blinking dots on ship's base

I was tryin to make absolutely white ship and found that some transparent dots appear while ship is in special sprite. That affects tail wing and fuselage.

It’s almost impossible to notice on dark or grey colors, in this video I use the whitest able base color.

Those ‘dots’ are in fact rivets and their presence is intentional. However, the ‘blinking’ (that is, rivets becoming dark) is a very-much-not-intended rendering error. I’ve noticed that there are also other single pixels that randomly go dark for a single frame.

These errors seem to be baked into the textures themselves. Very odd. Will investigate.


It is indeed a rendering error, but there’s nothing wrong with the 3D model. I’ll have to work around it somehow, but I haven’t come up with a good solution yet.

I’ve made a note about this, but there’s no ETA on the fix.


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