Bug Report: Text Transparency


There seems to be an issue occurring in the game when are using the transparency feature. The text in one message sort of blends together with the text around it.
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Should’ve expected that if you’ve configured your transparency like that, to be honest. How would you even fix this?

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By basically making the ghost text instantly disappear.
Just like the exit hud was fixed in a similar way.


By relocating where such texts appear

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Mhm, ok. Where, though?

Jussst above it.

Oh so in general case we would have quite large gap between the text and the bottom of the screen. Cool.


That sounds like a non-issue. However, if you have a better idea, by all means, share it.


This indeed is no issue. Right until people start complaining about it saying that there is an empty space. Also this is perfectionist discrimination.


Well, it should only leave a gap while chat is open. And return back to where it originally was before opening chat.

I doubt anyone will complain about that.


Or maybe, it should just be moved to be above the stats bar (Your lives, current firepower etc, bar) Just close to your 0 life value.

I wonder if the same thing happens when any tip is shown.

I started to fix this, but then I realized it can get even worse (e.g. wave summary in pause menu being displayed over tip, and then the chat box on top of everything). Although I could come up with a complicated way of fixing this, it’s not worth it. Acknowledged, won’t fix.


can we at least put a border around text so they’re hopefully easier to read when the background is too bright

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