Bug or something else?

started the weekly challenge and there was no intro, chickens were already there, there was not even the wave name

When did this happen?

uh, right now?

Yeah, This Happens To Me On Every Wave Now Like The Ship Spawns And Then A Second Later The Chickens Just Materialise In Their Spaces. Normally They Kinda Descend Or Com In From The Sides But One Second There’s Nothing There The Next There’s Chickens. This Is Really Annoying Cause You Could Die A Couple Seconds After Spawning

so, @InterAction_studios, is this a bug?

when I entered a mission, I got a little scared because I was doing a boss rush and a chicken in front of me materialized

The same thing has been happening to me, it gets real disorienting.

let’s hope they fix it soon …

I actuälly don’t mind the faſter tranſitions, though, at leaſt on harder difficulties. Is there any chance ſome of this behaviör could be kept?

Fixed in v.21 :medal_military:

I have downloaded three versions of ciu.
In one day

That abbreviated is: “Yeah, T.H.T.M.O.E.W.N.L.T.S.S.A.T.A.S.L.T.C.J.M.I.T.S. N.T.K.D.O.C.I.F.T.S.B.O.S.T.N.T.T.N.T.C. T.I.R.A.C.Y.C.D.A.C.S.A.S.”. Why every word’s first letter is on capital letters? It looks like the meaning of initials.

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