Bug? Misplaced players?

So, while traveling, I saw a few players literally stopped at nothing, now now, I know there’s Warp, Interrupted, but the thing is, this player looks new, and this is not the first player that I see like this that looks new, I doubt most new players would buy Warp, Interrupted immediately so I thought maybe this was a bug that makes players appear somewhere they are not?
Here’s a screenshot.

Are you sure this was completely outside of any star system? If you deorbit a planet and then log out, the planet keeps moving away from you and after a while it will appear as if you’re in the middle of nowhere. Can you take a screenshot more zoomed out with the nearest star system visible?

There’s also a (very slim) chance this is one of our test accounts.


I cannot provide any more screenshots right now since I have moved away from the player, but I have seen players like this both in star systems and outside, but more commonly inside star systems, I remember seeing one or two at most outside of a star system.

The one in the screenshot was in a star system.

Well also if you warp to a star system and do nothing, you stay there too. Also no one has complained yet so I dunno

I’ll admit that some of the ones I’ve seen did look like they just warped to a Star System, although not all, some were very much inside the Star System.

Then they just got out of orbit. SImple.

I found yet another player like that, yes, them leaving the orbit is most likely the case, if I happen to see a player that looks new, stopped outside of a Star System, like I’ve claimed before, I’ll report it here, but hopefully there’s no bug and my memory was just playing tricks on me.

It’s not a bug.

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