Bug in purchasing?

I have seeing what will happen when i click on chl purchase it said purchasing… but google purchasing menu didnt appear,then it said you will be taken to chickeninvaders.com and i didnt purchase. Please fix. (On ciu android apk)

did you punchaseing from google play?

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Yes im just looking what will happen when i click. i downloaded the game as apk.

hmm did you download the game from ia download link? android

Yes. (Forum Link)

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it must work maybe the problem at google play

It cant be like that,may i need to download from google play?

but the game is not at google play

There is in google play (only 64 bit) in fact i have 64 bit but when i download on google it restarts download. So i downloaded it apk.

Why would you expect an apk game to link to Google Play?
All transactions on unverified apps should take the user to elsewhere (e.g. website), which is a completely normal behavior.

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did it download well?

Google play:no apk:yes.

you mean any apk games on android cannot punchase at google play?

May i try download in 64 and purchase then this phone is 36 and link it then it purchased?

I think he mean that.

idk he will reply


Apk version of CIU works exactly like standalone: both require third-party transactions.
Did you download the advanced preview (v138) or v137 apk?

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137 apk.

I will try download on google play then purchase then link account in 36 bit phone.