Bug in multiplayer list

Not sure if this problem was posted before. Sorry if someone posted this already.
The problem is that sometimes in multiplayer list it shows the wrong number of waves in the mission. Shows 2/5 and there are 17 waves actually. 100% sure that i did not click another mission. I checked twice. Hope this post helps and will be solved.


Is it possible that you had left the multiplayer list unrefreshed for a long time, and the host started a different mission in the meantime?


No no i refreshed it and the host was just afk in mission. Was not playing. The game was paused

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OH MY GOD. i just realised something. All this time i was just looking at the number of players instead of waves.
=) please ignore this post omg… i am embarrased. Problem solved. How do i mark this post solved?
How can i delete the post? :man_facepalming:t2: I dont want people to see this lol


Just click on the “Solution” button on this post. Don’t delete it, it will help others who have the same question.


No problem, it happens to the best of us :sweat_smile:

Indeed, information about multiplayer games in the list is kind of hard to read when condensed into a single line; It needs to be separated into two lines per entry. This is one of the few multiplayer-related changes that I would like to see in the game. I’ll reveal more info on them in an upcoming topic in a few days.


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