Bug: Force Anomally in Multiplayer

So, the problem is: When someone use anomally area (For example in Feather Brain), all other players also change direction too. @InterAction_studios You should test that.

This is how anomalies work – they change the direction of gravity globally for the entire wave. It’s not a per-player setting.


In my opinion, when someone use anomally zone, its effects should only affect them, not for everyone. That will make things go better. And in the boss Feather Brain, do you ever think what will happen next when 2 players stand on different anomally zone and just stay there, don’t go away ? Well, a logical paradox appear: What direction will be chosen ?

do you understand gravity also affects projectile directions?

I understand, but on boss wave Feather Brain, the boss’s attack pattern is not affected by people’s gravity, so player’s gravity can be different.

I think this adds an extra layer of difficulty and importance in teamwork. It sounds cringy but when you think about it, its fun. So, in my opinion, this needn’t be fixed unless it causes groundbreaking issues while playing.

At the moment, how about only the host player should be able to change gravity via anomalies?


Sometime anomalies is not working for 2 player to change direction at the same time, I have too wait for a whille so it could work again.

i think that faster is prioritized. And that it would take time for the gravity to be actively changed.

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