[BUG] Error ate my current weapon and current power

Start from 1:38

That’s … weird

Not a bug. Your firepower and weapon are saved after the wave ends,and you collected them only after the game saved your progress,so the additional firepower and utensil weren’t saved.

What Orandza ſaid, but I noticed ſomething elſe, too: the firſt lightning fryër gift gave you a firepower increaſe but ſhouldn’t have.

When you lose lives tho,u get reduced firepower on logging in

I never play with additional lifes except Hard Challenge and Weekly Challenge

It should have,though. Look at the top left corner. You can see that there was another lightning fryer covered by the explosion

And you have to fight it all over again,which is a bad thing.

No,it’s not. Otherwise,you would be able to have as many attempts at a wave as you want without much punishment

Oh, right. I miſſed that.

You know about other bug:
This bug is useful because you can get other weapon…
I use this bug, You need press End Session and everytime when bad weapons fall out from chicken you can “restart wave with other random weapon”


Also not a bug. That would be called an exploit. Pretty sure the weapons are completely randomized on purpose

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