Bug at android page

When you try to reply a topic from Android and if your message has less than 20 characters it gets blocked. Thats okay, but when you close it and try to keep typing again, it just appear again. I wish you fix that. THX!

Pretty sure that’s an issue with discourse itself. Not sure if IA can do anything about it.

What do you mean? Thats happening again…

That is indeed a limit in diſcourſe. I think it’s there to ſtop people from poſting things like “+1”. In moſt caſes it ſhouldn’t be a problem, and if it is, you can type “This is juſt to reach the 20 character minimum for poſts.” at the bottom.

That isnt problem, problem is when you accidently click reply while you have less than 20 letters. And when you close it and try to keep type it just appear again. Thats the problem.

Oh. I don’t have a ſmart phone myſelf, but on a computer cloſing it before tryïng again iſn’t neceſſary.

Well its just filling whole screen…

This is example

Sorry, I don’t know what to ſuggeſt. Good luck!

I wish @interactionstudios fix it…(cant tag somehow)

Here, I’ll tag for you: @InterAction_studios

I ſuſpect that he can’t change anything, though. This ſite belongs to a third party.

Thats sad… Still need to write some more. Ok done