Bubble Shield Booster

This suggestion covers 2 problems: The lack of crash damage use and the lack of booster variety.

Shield Booster (placeholder name): This Booster works when you double click. It creates a shield like a bubble (Doesn’t stop lasers). The shield lasts 1 second, And if you crash with your shield, 1/2 crash damage will be applied, and poultry payback will apply. The formula would be (crash.damage+condenser)/2
If you activated the shield, you’ll gain 80% heat, And If you overheated, the shield will disappear.
This shield would look as a bubble. This booster would require high level of skill, as activating it over 20% heat is suicide, but can save you.

Booster - activation with Double click - Cost: +80% heat. - Bubble like shield - Duration: 1 second / Crashed / Overheated - Crash damage = half of total. - Crash also activates Poultry Payback

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So what exactly prevents you from just spamming double-clicks and having this on permanently?

If you overheat, your shield de-spawns. and how it heats 80%, spamming it would be impossible. And also it doesn’t stop lasers.

Ah. Excuse me, I missed this part somehow:

Anyways, in that case…I guess this could be interesting to use. Not viable in competitive missions though.

Why is this topics name reminds me of Sonic The Hedgehog?


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