Bring back more waves

The title says it, idk if they were suggested yet but still

we should bring back some more waves such as

  • reinforcements
  • do the chicken huddle
  • we are surrounded
  • pop till they drop
  • etc. etc.
  • the chicken “wave”
  • chicken acrobatic
  • etc. etc.

Some of them should have safe/danger zone for some newcomers too


Alſo, Chicken Square Dancing (or was it juſt “Square Dancing”?) from CI3. You know, the one like Chicken Geömetry but with ſquares.


Don’t forget about egg drone and eggship too.

Chicken square dancing could be troublesome, but with zoom out, i think it could solve the problem.

Egg drone traumatizes me

It’s attack is so random

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No, no zoom out. Square dancing is very much beatable if you are just careful.

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I’m not sure if it’s the 5x5 size with new chicken types

Or with practice. It’s far more ſatisfyïng to ſolve problems by overcoming them, rather then via removing them.

I think it’s better to teſt then correct, rather than correct preëmptively (and inevitably overcorrect).

Without the awful damage multipliers from the episodes, it should be possible. Remember that going above chickens is a solution, too.
Just pay close attention to where the chickens are going and you’ll know when it’s better to go above them, stay under them or just move away.

Where’s Satellite Stock?


The chicken “wave” but with these variations when?


There ſhould be a wave called “chicken trigonometry” with ſome of theſe. Maybe ſin, coſ, then tan?


Can’t believe we can lern math from chickens!

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Forget trigonometry,learn your spellings first.

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