Bossa Nova Henley’s Comet villain music idea

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Excuse me? There’s no video. Try again.

Where is that from? It sounds similar to the original Binding of Isaac… is this one of other Edmund’s games or just a coincidence?

But I don’t think this would really fit tho

2 minuts working

You made it?
(That music site actually has digg prioritized over reddit how old is it!?)

no I actuality see somewere :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds a bit too fast.

the comet’s are fast :smile:

It’s actually from Super Meat Boy (it’s one of Edmund’s older games.)

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But star is not. It just rotates.

Stars are also moving in space


But not in CIU :jack_o_lantern:

Around black holes.

The song that was linked is “The Battle of Lil Slugger” by Danny Baranowsky. This is a song already used in the game Super Meat Boy. IA makes custom music for their games, so they wouldn’t use this song to begin with. If they did use it, there would likely be a good deal of legal troubles.

Who works in FL Studio? Any good plugins for orchestral music?

this also doesn’t fit ci’s soundfont


You could have linked to the actual song/soundtrack instead of now making your own video :confused:

Anything sounds good if you add the soundgoodizer.

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