Boss : Yolkbot

If you feel familiar with this boss, the you’re right. I just remodeled this from heavy weapon deluxe. With improvement of course.

  • 6 arms version

The first version has 6 arms that have ability to shoot lightning bolt directly under it. When it starts to glow, it means it will shoots soon after. This version is the most similar to the original in heavy weapon.

It has two patterns, first it charges all its arms simultaneously, don’t under it! And second, it will flies left-right-left-right and shoots with each arm once, and then back to pattern one.

  • 5 arms version

This version has simpler attack. It shoots green long beam (like UCO’s) from each arm once to your position. Be careful to not ruin the pattern, or you’re trapped.

  • 4 arms version

This one is wider than the others. The core won’t run away too far from the center, and its arms divide the screen into 4 regions. Its arms will be rotating and sometimes it rotate it back to opposite direction. The orange parts will shoot sunballs if the difficulty hard enough.

  • 3 arms version

This time it backs again and throwing 3 electric balls at you simultaneously! These 3 will link to each other creating triangle shape. Each ball moves at different speed, so the shape may shift.

  • 2 arms version

It has unique ability, the bowl-like shaped arm is a magnet and will pull you closer while the other arm shoots red laser at you. After that, it will rotate the arms so both will swap their position.

  • 1 arm version

You know how a wrecking ball works? Also the purple wrecking ball will shoot purple neutrons randomly like a chickenaut does. Don’t worry, you won’t die by touching its cable.


What if you attack and it drops it arm and it turned to another version


Paxman has some poimts. While it would be difficult to implement, 6 version for a boss is too much in my opinion. Regular 4 is fine.


It can’t be implemented with current design of arms, but it could work with some redesigning.


Original but:

  1. Swiss Is right… too much variazione
  2. The two arms version can’t work on how the game is coded. Similar ideas were suggested in the past and the answer was this


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In reality, it’s variety.

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Mobile autocorrector.
The meaning is the same

If it comes to only 3 or 4 that will make into the game, which version do you want to?

  • 6 arms (six lightning bolts)
  • 5 arms (five green beams)
  • 4 arms (the windmill)
  • 3 arms (triple electric balls)
  • 2 arms (the magnet and laser, which is unlikely to make it though)
  • 1 arm (the wrecking ball)

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That look weird

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Well, it’s only a rough design of the boss. Detail and any technical improvement should be done. What’s make you think it’s weird? And how it supposed to be in your opinion?

I drew that with my lovely low end pc with outdated corel draw :slight_smile:

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Awesome boss but six arms is too much.
It would be better boss if it had only four arms :slight_smile:

Then I feel like we would get a copy of Crab B.


:disappointed: all right we keep 6 arms then

Why do you ignore the 5 arm yolk?

Seems like the 6, 3 and 1 arm/s variants won the poll! Do you like the attack pattern? Or it could be improved?

More detail on the attack patterns

  • 6 arms
  1. Comes from above
  2. Position in the middle, charges all the six arms and toast everything under it
  3. Starts to fly right-left randomly and charge its each arm one per one
  4. After all the six arms have shot, back to pattern 2

Difficulty will affect : flying speed, arm charge delay

  • 3 arms
  1. Comes from above
  2. The arms starts spinning and throw 3 electric balls simultaneously while it flies right-left randomly
  3. Do it until you tired or it has been destroyed

Difficulty affects : flying speed, electric ball travel speed, delay per throw

Note that electric balls are linked to each other creating triangle shape

  • 1 arm
  1. Comes from upper right
  2. Flies right-left up-down randomly like a drunk driver, and the wrecking ball swings following it wherever it goes while shooting random purple neutrons

Difficulty affects : flying speed, number of neutrons per shot, neutron travel speed, how random it flies

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Well they seems cool…:stuck_out_tongue: …wonder if they ever be implemented! 9Apps VidMate app

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