Boss Waves: Special Reinforcement, Purification 'n Annihilation (This Idea is currently WIP)


Solo Medic and full forces.

Waves: Special Reinforcement (Solo), Purification 'n Annihilation (Full Forces)
Music used in these waves: CI5 - Boss OST

Another version of Military Chicken.
Size: Slightly larger than Military Chicken himself.


  • First Aid kits: Drop 2-4 First Aid kits (Depends on Difficulty) when it hits the bottom, 1 - 2 bandage(s) bounce(s) from the kits. Also, you can safely hit the opened boxes (Since they could fade out) and you can’t hit the bandages (You can shoot them). (White area effect show up before perform this attack, sound effect: same as Twinfinichicks)

First Aid Kits’ physic: Same as food or grenades
Bandages’ physic: UFO debris

  • Chicken Call: Call 4 - 8 (Min 4 and Max 8 at Full Forces) mini military chickens in line that lay 2 eggs at once. (Red area effect show up before perform this attack, no need sound effect for this)

  • Knives: Same as Military Chicken but smaller and faster.

Weaknesses: Neutron Gun, Hypergun, Photon Swarm and Plasma Rifle
Resistances: Corn Shotgun and Bird-Flu Gun

This boss has 3 attacks so their knives won’t be able to attack together (Sometimes, they do).