Boss type:egg-tron 4000

My idea boss:egg-tron 4000

Attack:1-Shoot a surprise beam from the top screen.A dot line will appear and it will keep attack with it until 25% health depleted
2-when 25% health depleted,the egg will then summon terminator chicken and drop a satellite.
3-The egg can also use 8-direct beam and spin counterclockwise,difficulties will increase the spin speed
4-And finally at 75% health,the egg will enable forcefield and move around just to kill you.All the previous attack are disabled but the surprise beam still enable.

Tell me if this boss is good or bad! thx u!


It ſeems underpowered at hard difficulties as far as HP goes (this can alſo be changed eaſily during development/teſting), but the attacks look good!

Its health should scale like the other bosses. Most of them have 50k health + 200k * difficulty percentage.

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To be honest,I’m a bit tired of seeing these Boss ideas.
Would be nice if we had fresher,newer types of ideas.

ok pal

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