Boss theme

What bosses music is best for u guys?

  • Ci3 Boss theme
  • Ci3 Yolk Star theme
  • Ci4 Boss theme
  • Ci4 Egg Cannon theme
  • Ci5 Boss theme
  • Ci5 Henterprise theme

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Make your favourite!

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Ohh. The Henterprise theme is my fav. final boss theme, but nothing cant beat CI5 boss theme wich is the best of the best.

Ci5 boss theme is in my opinion too “weak” as a boss theme
It sounds more for a “miniboss battle” to me
(Still is very good)

I like all musics from CI (except CI2 Remastered, CI4 Boss Theme, CI3 The Yolk-Star™)
CI2 Menu Theme (orig.): Nostalgia
CI3 Menu Theme: Hope
CI4 Menu Theme: Imagine the universe
CI5 Menu Theme: Fighting spirit

Weak? LOL! For me CI3 boss theme isn’t even sound like boss theme.

De gustibus
Everyone has Its own music taste

everyone knows the short four noted CI2 mother-hen ship theme is absolutely beautiful and the best


[edit] I assume this will be the theme once CI2 Mother-Hen Ship is added, right?

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Well, it doeſn’t expreſs the fierceneſs of the battle, but it tells a lot about the lonelineſs of the battle occurring far away from home; it’s juſt you and the boſs.

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iA said they’re not adding CI2 bosses

How about re-remastering? Lol

For me,

CI2 theme is nostalgic, don’t like the remastered tho.
CI3 intro is the song the most satisfying, especially when you play CI3 stage 12 and pass by all planets in solar system. CI4 and CI5 are good, but less giving goosebumps.
Yolk star theme is thrilling, i was scared when it starts to play. Henterprise theme, well, i don’t destroy the henterprise too early for just listening it. Egg cannon theme, i just like the starting, it could be better.
CI4 boss theme is the best, then CI5, and then CI3.
And special mention for “the great unknown” theme and “perseus galactic arm” theme, i like them.

Dude, you could just make a single topic and post all of your polls there.

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