Boss Rush Keys

Not so much a “Bug” as an irritation. If you are in a boss rush and you destroy a zoomed out boss (like Planetary Egg City), many keys may be quickly lost beyond your reach when the screen zooms back in for the next boss if it’s close up (like Mysterious Ship).


Yes, its annoying. I hope they fix it.


increase the delay between each boss fight will fix this I guess, like 5-7 seconds(in case of lag caused by boss death)

That has happened to me a few times.

I’d hate to see the game slow down. Maybe change the key behavior to obey the new “walls” as they close in, effectively limiting them to the same area as your ship?

Of course this begs the question, “Do we do the same for all power ups?” I’m on the fence about this as it changes something fundamental about the game.

I could also see the Boss Rush keys spawning from the center of the boss with a downward momentum exclusively. Thus preventing at least the sides of the screen from “eating” them.

Even better! Those keys (Boss Rush Only) could “float” like the coins out of eggs in the “Egg Fields” board, guaranteeing the player a shot at them.

Or better - keys can be collected automatically. You kill the boss, your key counter automatically increases.