Boss Pre-battle

This topic is heavily based on CI4’s trick of “fake boss” and many people have sugested it. But here I want to talk about it in more general way.

So, you’re tired of facing ultra-speed bullet hell bosses? Say no more! In rare occasion (about 5%) there should be a mini-boss. Mini-boss has 50% less difficulty (assume the current difficulty is 80% then the mini-boss is 30%)

But! This is merely just a pre-battle, they underestimated you! So after defeating it, you will still fight the real boss.

Here some examples:

Existing one:

  • Chickenaut before Super Chicken

Modifying some scene from the series:

  • The Yolk Star comes, but you have to fight a big chicken first
  • The Egg Cannon shoots Mother Hen Ship but as you can clear it fast (because it’s easy), you’re able catch up with it and fight it. (insert quip: “Hey! Don’t run away!”)

But I have some more ridiculous ideas:

  • Fighting Henterprise, the “Hencounter” or “Boldly” version. It will retreat, but suddenly it come back with “Hend Game” version.
  • Fighting easier Space Crab first, when you destroy it, the harder version comes (I wish the king of crabs doesn’t have zoom out, in fact it’s easier). It doesn’t matter which version come first as it has 50% less difficulty. (It would be funny if V2 comes first, but the next one is the first version. Insert quip: “So this is degeneration.”)
  • As you destroy Bossa Nova, there’s Apple Core inside.
  • add more here (plz)

So that’s it. It actually only uses two bosses, which the first one is easier, and the second one is harder. I hope it could add more humor to the game.


  • It only applies to >50% difficulty as it doesn’t make any sense if the real boss isn’t much harder.
  • The pre-boss should reward less. No pain no gain.
  • Help me improve the idea

Maybe we could give the king of space crabs boss more hands and lasers depending on difficulty.

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Fixed, I wanted to say Apple.

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I’ve come up with some, I’ll edit this post and add more:

  1. UFO chick/chicken before U.C.O boss
  2. Pilot chickens before Special Forces chicken
  3. Slobs before Party Chicken

After defeating the last space crab boss, the space crab v2 boss comes.

Already covered that. Because there are 4 versions of crab, so there will be 12 configurations. But I still think that V2 comes first is funnier in sense of degeneration.

Added some more ideas:

  • Eggshell with chick inside before Mother Hen Ship (whether it’s the CI3 version or CI4)
  • Brother Reunited, but Pilot Chicken, or maybe Chickenaut is better, and Slob Chicken.

More ideas:

  • Before fighting Big Chicken(s): a row of chickens will appear
  • Before The Alien Mother Ship: a row of retro invaders
  • Before Twice Infinity: A cluster of Toxic Chickens(because toxic chickens are strong against nuclear group weapons) form an infinity symbol(:infinity:)

You meant normal weapons or what?

I mean weapons in the nuclear group: Neutron Gun, Plasma Rifle, Photon Swarm,etc

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Okay then

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