Boss Idea: Massive Barrier

So this is my first idea, but I actually had this idea for a long time. Now onto the idea.

Boss HP:
0%: 60000
10%: 80000
20%: 100000
30%: 120000
40%: 140000
50%: 160000
60%: 180000
70%: 200000
80%: 220000
90%: 240000
100%: 260000
110%: 280000
120%: 300000
130%: 320000
150%: 340000
Zoom: 125%

The boss will go into middle of the screen when the wave start.

Force Field: Create a Force Field around the Massiv Barrier.

360 Laser: shoots 4 lasers while rotating 360 slowly (what’s the speed? Well I cant actually decide), also shoots ions like in the image when the difficulty is above 100.

Ions: Emits a warning, then shoots ions like how the image show. (maybe make it shoots more on higher difficulty if you want)

Self Defense: Calls out Egg Barriers to defend the Masssive Barrier. (make it indestructable if you want)

When destroyed, will gives 1 attoms and 15 small coins and 4 big coins

so, that’s it. My first boss idea ever, if you want to help me improve this please reply to this post


Kinda interesting

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Creative,nice boss


Nothing wrong with the idea or the fight itself, it looks like fun. But I will just leave this here…


barrier invasion missions when


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