Boss Idea : Flying Hen House

Greetings from Blacky Cubus

This topics is about the boss idea,the name is “Flying Hen House”.

This Boss reference bring back the “Hen House” from Chicken Invaders 5,and I would like to Bring it back and Modified with some Jet Engines
Original Images:
Hen House

Danger Zone
Before Boss start,appear the danger zone like this

Then the boss is approaching from behind to the middle of the screen.

Boss Attacks :

1.Spawn Chicks
The boss will Spawn :
At 0% - 33% Difficulty : Spawn 24 Chicks (12 Chicks at once & repeat 2 times).
At 34% - 66% Difficulty : Spawn 36 Chicks (12 Chicks at once & repeat 3 times).
At 67% - 100% Difficulty : Spawn 48 Chicks (12 Chicks at once & repeat 4 times).

The boss will Release the Forcefield and last for 5 seconds.

3.Homing Missiles
The boss will Shoot Homing Missiles.
At 0% - 33% Difficulty : Shoot 2 Homing Missiles
At 34% - 66% Difficulty : Shoot 4 Homing Missiles
At 67% - 100% Difficulty : Shoot 6 Homing Missiles

4.Jet Boost Attack
The boss move to the top of screen and use the Jet Engines to attack
the boss use the Jet Engines and move from left to right

Or move from right to the left

5.Corncob rain
The boss will rain 7 - 12 Corncobs from above

6.Horizontal Corncob
Same just like 5th Attack but It’s appear from left and right or right and left(4 - 6 Corncobs from right,4 - 6 Corncobs from left)

That’s all I have to say.I hope you’re like it.

7.Spread Shot
The Boss will Shoot 3 Bullets at once towards Spaceship

What do you think of my Idea ?
  • Great Idea,creative attacks
  • Great Idea,but too many attack phases
  • Good Idea
  • Bad Idea

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As for my evaluat:

  1. I think you must reduce the corn attack from phase 5,6

  2. Also, can the jet flame also damage the player?

  3. IA need a time to add those homing missle from CI3 into CIU with many changes, also same with the corn.

  4. Can we shoot on those corns? Is hard to shoot like that.

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Ok,I’ll edit it later

No,unless they boosted during jet boost Attack


Yes,the corn can be shoot

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Good idea. My only complaint is…

Not really a fan of forcefields in general. They’re usually just a huge waste of time. They will pretty much never kill you.
Otherwise, the idea seems fine.


could just as well be a new boss with a new design if it’s so different from the CI5 version


Like Henlley’s comet, the background starfield also must be scrolled.


how are we supposed to dodge the boosted jet flame?

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the boss will not fully move from right to the left or from left to the right.So there’s a safe spaces to dodge it.

He can copy paste


the homing missiles code might be too old, since its from 2006


It was a nice idea. Just wonder that if the corns can be exploded if players shoot it.

The Corn is releasing Popcorn once they exploded. It’s not harmful at all.

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Nice idea boss,but need to paint the space hen house

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Sorry,I’m not good at designing the boss,I just want the original one with modified Jet Engines,Maybe I should change the topic into the “Flying Hen House”

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