[Boss droid] The Great Bubble Boiler

We know droids transport food in bubbles but we never thought about who did these bubbles. Here it is — The Great Bubble Boiler­!
There are two divechickens around it. First of all you need to kill chicks around the bubbles, then kill divechickens. Their death will cause disappearing of main bubble shield (until you reach 33%;67%) that protects Bubble Boiler from your weapon (Boss has high immunity from super-weapons and satellites when the shield is in active state). When you reach 33%;67%, it will call another group of chickens and chicks from his back and re-activate shield. He can re-activate shield more often at higher difficulty (@Catra’s idea). The type and amount of chicken he summons scale up with difficulty(@BinhTurtle idea), every type exclude Chickenaut had scuba helmets.


  1. Bubble throw. Throws a bubble in your ship. Similar attack is chicken throwing from Space Crab
  2. Creates a line from several small bubbles. Layout of this attack looks like shields placement in old Space Invaders game, but slowly moves down so you can easily avoid it (On high difficulties bubbles move way faster, also there can be several “layers” of this attack). They moves like snowlakes: waves from left to right a bit and goes down.

Hand attacks:
His hand rotates to change attack type. There are 3 of them:

  1. Crab ray. Fast shots with short pauses near 0.5 sec. Shoots 5 times.
  2. Manipulator. There are 2 manipulator attacks:
    Block — puts his hand down to the screen to block you in one half of the screen, then uses bubble throw attack.
    Hunt — One attempt to catch your ship. If succeed, he will put you in recently created bubble which is a bit bigger than regular one. If you touch the wall of bubble you will die. Bubble slowly moves in random direction. During this attack boss can do nothing. If you failed, bubble pops and attack ends. Attack lasts for 5-10 seconds, then bubble pops. You can also pop the bubble with continuos shooting.
  3. Purple UCO laser-like thing — works just like CI2 Mother-hen ship last attack (spamming with 4-5 bolts rapidly). During this attack he puts himself at the top of screen.

EDIT: Chicks and chickens can be replaced with small ball barrier from CI4 and droids (@RoboCat’s idea)
EDIT 2: Fixed some grammar, removed stupid jokes, edited some parts to make them more understandable. If this edit pinged someone, I’m sorry.


Will nobody comment how creepy he looks?


Great idea. May be the type and amount of chicken he summons should scale up with difficulty?


Space Burger Corporation


  1. The Hero (It stole food)
    P.S Interesting situation, @InterAction_studios didn’t explain it.
  2. Evil Henpire (or Chickens)
    Using a chicken dishies

Need change chickens to robots


I like the idea a lot! Maybe at harder difficulties the main bubble shield should reappear sooner?

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I thought about it. In that case fight will take longer than it should be. Maximum what can be done is 1/3 of health changed to 1/4. UPD: I changed my mind.

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Why nobody adds the windshield to the spaceship in fanmade images???

Because this is how the ship looks in game files. Other parts except base color are other files.

And this is windshield file

I’m just too lazy to put one above another and change colour.

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I know. I mean that why they don’t put the windshield on the spaceship.