Boss Degrades

Final bosses or boss with heatlh changes like Mother Hen ship (CI3) Should have degrade.
Degrades are broken or scratched areas with cracked holes and smoke puffing out.Or rare cases…fire from those cracks.

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It’ll make the game lags a lot for low-end PCs

Then, you can further divide the graphic setting option (low, high) the game gives you.


Bosses like the Yolk-Star™ and the “Winter Clothes” chicken already have a kind of degradation effect. :wink:

The Yolk-star has a cracking animation?

I believe so, but it also turns progressively “redder” in its second phase.

The shell doesn’t but the yolk has


Well, so far, we have a few bosses that activate attacks, I don’t know if it would be that useful…

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