Bomber Family Idea (Tactical Bombers - TX Series)

The main feature of this family is the Auxiliary Weapon System (AWS): It charges like an accumulator, althought slower and with only 1 charge (its UI would be in the bottom left, close to super weapons). When charged, the player can press Enter to trigger a missile-like superweapon, with a smaller blast radius. The AWS overrides superweapon usage.
More expensive models will have a higher blast radius ad the cost of manoeuvrability.
Here’s the Spacecrafts in the family (Really sorry for no pictures, but I really don’t have any idea on how they would look):

  • TX-12 “Antimony”
    Manoeuvrability: 7.00.
    Cost: 3647.
    Satellites: 3.
    Hardpoints: 4+6.
    Slots: 18.

  • TX-15 “Barium”
    Manoeuvrability: 6.50.
    Cost: 4289.
    Satellites: 4.
    Hardpoints: 4+8.
    Slots: 20.

  • TX-18 “Chromium”
    Manoeuvrability: 6.00.
    Cost: 4736.
    Satellites: 5.
    Hardpoints: 6+8.
    Slots: 22.


cool but we need picture to ship


So it would charge at, say 60 seconds per charge?
That means you can save up missiles by leaving one enemy in a wave, waiting, killing the enemy, and destroy the next wave.
It should charge on damage dealt to enemies, not time.

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But hey, anything faster than a BX-Bomber I’ll take any day.

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