Bomber chick idea

hah thats stupid

this chick will throw bombs at player. it will throw one bomb at the time. the bombs are bouncy. they will bounce 3 times.
the maximum number of bombs it can hold is 4.

after it throws all of the bombs the chick will start attacking like berserk chick. it will be more faster than berserk chick.

at rookie and veteran skills it can have 320 hp and at ssh it can have 650 hp.

you are free to say if you like or hate this idea and tell me if i should change something.


How does bomb work? Is it like bouncy grenade or something else? It has 4 bombs, will it throw them all at once or one per one?

There’s more thing to explain.


ok i added that the bombs are bouncy but yea your right i need to explain it more

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that was exelent idea… :heart_eyes:: but it is denger…!!! :skull:


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