Bomber buff

With a standard spaceship your speed is unlimited and you can have one 20 :zap: weapon.
With the Mjolnir you are very slow and you have two weapons limited to 10 :zap: each, it’s kind of pointless.

To make bombers reliable, their weapons should get less limited. It should be:
a) 20 :zap: each weapon for BX-9,
18 :zap: each weapon for BX-8,
16 :zap: each weapon for BX-7,
14 :zap: each weapon for BX-6,

b) 20 :zap: each weapon for BX-9,
17 :zap: each weapon for BX-8,
13 :zap: each weapon for BX-7,
10 :zap: each weapon for BX-6.

Some additional firepower would be helpful in weekly challenges and BX-9 would be worth it’s price. It wouldn’t make bombers overpowered, because you hardly ever get 40+ :zap: in a standard mission.

At this point only Absolver Beam gets changes after :zap: 10 (and Boron Railgun’s :zap: 11) so I don’t think this is necessary. The other weapons are only missing max power on bombers.

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Actually it could be just a change for BX-9 to be able to get this max :zap: sometimes

Regarding this change. There isn’t any difference between power levels 11-19 (except boron at fp11 and absolver at all) so they’re basically just placeholders. That means that all bombers except BX9 will still have two FP10 pillars (which is also the current BX9 FP cap). This would completely break the bombers since one could buy a BX6 (which is pretty fast and has the smallest hitbox of all) without any major consequences

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