Black Ops : C.L.U.C.K

C.L.U.C.K stands for Chicken’s Lurking Under Cover K(well I don’t know, so help me.)

You know this breed of chicken?

Let’s introduce 4th breed: Cemani Chicken! They’re black, so it’s pretty hard to see them. Because they’re from special forces, they will try to avoid every projectile coming toward them! So you might spend many shots to hit them unless you use auto-lock weapons. About hp, it’s same with the other unarmored chickens. There will be also metal-suited version, and it’s also coloured black.


Black doesn’t exactly camouflage well with the current space backgrounds. I’d make them pretty transparent whilst still having a unique black ops themed uniform. For attack the regular black ops could drop eggs but the metal suited ones could drop a high speed egg since they’re bigger and can handle more recoil.

They do fit for Darkness missions, but I guess they could go invisible in other missions and whenever you hit them they go visible, and I had an idea that when they get angry they drop a grenade

These guys would be a pain for Corn Shotgun users. Like half of the playerbase I use the Utensil Poker. I really do wish that @1Galbatorix1’s rebalancing program fixes the severe inbalance of power among the weapons.

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I want Russian(Soviet) Chicken:


I don’t intent to make them very-very hard to see because some eyes aren’t that good to distinguish among things.

And about dodging, to balance it then give some delay before they react to incoming projectile, so if you shoot it close enough, they won’t have too many times to react. Instantanous attack always hit, and fast moving projectiles are good against them.

I like this.

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Okay then. I did forget how hard it is for some people to see stuff. I definitely have issues tracking the blue bolts that the Henterprise fires, there’s just too many. I can Dodge them fairly easily but in conjunction with chickens being deployed, it gets harder. But I still think that a Black ops uniform would look a lot better than pure black. The metal variant can be pure black with some shininess to it, but I’d like some secondary colors and designs.

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