Black holes

It woulds be nice to know when looking at rival recruits to know how many black holes they have visited…this could be simply done by adding a line in the comparison screen…

They are called wormholes by the way. Also, once again, if it’s a simple idea, post it in Early Access Version X topic. If it’s a collection of ideas, then a topic fits. Also, this topic’s category should be #ideas, since it’s an idea. It’s not a bug or somrthing related to Early Access.

In the real universe they are BLACK HOLES…being a maverick I prefer that !

Black hole absorbs everything, wormhole is something like a universe shortcut. There is a difference, even though they are really pretty close.
@minasam123 if small ideas will be posted in early access topic it’ll be harder to find them later and you won’t be able to see constructive criticism. This doesn’t apply for bug reports because they are related to particular version of the game. The only exception is something really small, like how Ramon asked if red colour can be changed to blue.


Quick reminder that wormholes, as of now, are purely theoretical.

We are talking about the game where space chickens invade the universe without any life forms on planets because they can. Theory might be real there. I just find wormholes more fitting according to what black interspace portal does.

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Improbable probability

Yeah, but i am talking about chicken invaders universe, not the real universe.

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Wormholes are pretty much different to black holes because, In ciu where you could explore other places using wormholes that you can travel through them

Orbit a black hole to die instantly


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