Binary star size

In the last few minutes, there’s a question that I keep bothering in my head

Why is the red dwarf so smaaaaaaaallllllllllll…??? :joy: (I mean tiny)
(Because that red dwarf is one of the smallest stars I’ve ever seen in game)


Do you know the meaning of the word DWARF? If you dont check it. Or read something about the stars :slight_smile: .

I mean that star is… tiny if compared to other stars

So I was messing around with the map one day, and saw two binary stars overlapping each other. I forgot which ones they were though…

A dwarf is a small star…

I mean that red dwarf is smaller than other red dwarfs

Its possible to be smaller.

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I will assume that you understand
the word sprite has nothing to do with fairies or pixies in this context.

(Although, just to confuse you more, it is possible to have a sprite that
looks like a fairy. On second thought, forget I just said that.)

© 1996 InterAction Software

What are you even talking about? I think you need some help.

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He likes fantasy movies (I think so)

No. I said “© 1996 InterAction Software”. That means those are words of Κονσταντινος Προυςκας.

I don’t get it, either. What do you mean by “the word sprite has nothing to do with fairies or pixies”? Who ever mentioned any of those?

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InterAction Software mentioned it and Dwarpf (UVE32).

I think I haven’t explained it well.

Where? And how does it matter to the topic of red star size?

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I still have no idea how this is in any way related to the discussion. Nobody even mentioned sprites until you came along.

What the hell is a Dwarpf?


If you knew what does a Dwarpf is, I think you would understand why did I mention sprites.