Best astroeids

What is your favorite astroeids texture from all chicken invaders games???

  • Chicken Invaders 2
  • Chicken Invaders 3
  • Chicken Invaders 4
  • Chicken Invaders Universe

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Asteroids in CI4?

So, I was juſt looking at the reſults, and ſomething occurred to me:
@Space_Invaders, why on earth did you vote for all four options?!

Maybe because he liked all asteroids, who knows.

i voted for all options too, because all asteroids are the best for me

Here are some comparison pics.

AsteroidCI2 AsteroidRedCI2
Chicken Invaders 2

AsteroidCI3 AsteroidRedCI3
Chicken Invaders 3

asteroid6 asteroid-lava6
Chicken Invaders Universe


Wish they implement more types in universe.

actually, supernova debrises will return in ciu and uhhh…they count as asteroids, i think

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Hopefully they remaster supernovas and add some neat visual effects.

Also comets.

I cant wait for the retro invaders.

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space burger HQ, my people. prepare to witness on how much food people will get with it.

That being said, I think you can get food equally quick normally without needing to free food from bubbles.

And that awesome retro invaders level music! They need to make at least two more songs for retro missions.

To be honest, I don’t like choices. But if you want a answer, I would choose Chicken Invaders 2. This is where it started it all and it would be nostalgic to see it that was. However, thing evolve and change according to time, right? And change is good.

actually misses chicken invaders 1 and chicken invaders DOS

oh, btw where is the ice rock in CI5? I certain that they are counted as asteroid too

they count as asteroids, yes, and they are going to be in the planet missions of CIU, if there are even going to be

AsteroidCI1 AsteroidRedCI1
Chicken Invaders 1

I think that it is Supernova Debris, but if that counts, I think Ice Comets from CI5 would count also.