Bend it like beckhen (mirrored ver)

Hey IA, i think you need to make those balls face upwards too.

Already discussed. Chickens can’t be rotated because of how game works, and if we put balls on top it will look like they kick them with their heads.


ok tks

I really appreciate how you reply to every single new user eventhough the answer is easy to get. That’s really big responsibility.

I know. Off-topic. Just wanted to say that.


Yeah, Mishelb is one of the best people around here


One of the best and one of the oldest. It’s really great that he didn’t quit for a while (or forever) like most of the others did.


That’s true, he seems to be the good person.

He’s the second best person after iA.

I can assure you that’s false, I know this guy personally. (Myself)



xDark i guess

No, he’s joking. He meant himself.

I have proof:

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Yeah, i saw it. I was about to delete the post to prove that i already saw it but it didn’t allow me because i have to wait for an hour. I will delete it when it allows me to though.

So you can’t edit it too??

I can.

Then you should’ve done it.

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Well, yeah you’re right i should’ve done it, but i forgot, sorry for that

I must admit, it is sad to see how many quality users have left the forums.

Eager for full release, when hopefully there will be a larger and more active community. But our little group is still nice for now, too. :wink:


I’m glad a cheerful person like you didn’t leave as well too :wink:

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And I must admit that I do not have a lot of enthusiasm for ideas, but I am here every day. :slightly_smiling_face:

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