Bearded Expense?


So??? Is this the cause of the meme: Thats how the mafia works?

I dont remember how many views this video has before this Bearded Expense thing but… Look at the coment section! Its insane and surrely increase CI popularity in some point. I mean the CI2 theme song video.



It has nothing to do with this is how mafia works meme. Perhaps some people will look up the game, but probably isn’t a big popularity boost. From my expierience I saw it on Soundsmith’s channel where Bearded Expense did his thing. It was just a joke in that friend/channel circle, so yeah.

Oh it is Soundsmith’s video… I wanted to look another one up with him. But again probably not a big popularity boost.


Haha almost every coment is for Bearded Expense.


its where bearded expense beat up a car and turned it into money and became a lvl.100 mafia boss


Sorry, but i forgot to mention that this video high up the views very fast. A few thousand on day, еven more than the most popular CI video(CI5 all bosses at Ben Curtis).