BC Media: Yolk Star

So I just died to the Yolk Star for the umpteenth time in a row, and I think I know why it’s so much harder, in a way that doesn’t feel fair.

On certain difficulties, when it spawns from the bottom of the screen, you’ll basically be fighting it upside down, forced to familiarize yourself with the top of the screen as your safe zone.

I hate this. So friggin’ much.

Can we PLEASE get it to just spawn from the top, regardless of difficulty?


Yeah, it’s frickin’ hard, i want to battle it from the top. very hard when battling in the bottom.

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Iſn’t the “ſafe” zone pretty much as cloſe as you can get to the Yolk Star™ without beïng hit by the laſers when they move?

Guess it’s best to call it the top HALF of the screen, I suppose.


Watch out Ben, now some ‘‘hardcore’’ players will get in to the topic and say that you are noob any moment. Before that: I see that you have problems with downside Yolk Star, it looks like you just didnt used to it. Give it more tries! There’s weird thing, that I havent seen you playing with skill level above Veteran.


I’d definitely prefer if it stayed right way up, but I don’t find the orientation to make it that much more difficult, myself. Uncomfortable, maybe, but it’s hard because, well, it’s the Yolk-Star™.

So… mixed support. I’d like this change, but I can also get by without it.


The Yolk-Star™ is actually harder when it’s upside down, but the only way to defeat it without dying is to practice fighting with it and you’ll get used to it

There’s in fact more space for maneuvering on the upside-down variation (because the spacecraft’s “no-fly” zone is thicker on the bottom to make room for splatting eggs).

This is not to say that the upside-down version isn’t harder – it probably is, depending on how well you can mentally switch orientation modes.


I don’t think that ever matters because we want to be as close to the lasers as possible, where they are the thinnest

Just thought of an alternative: What if the Yolk Star’s cannons all changed positions at the same time, but fired at different times?

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No, it will make it easier as you become mentally more prepared. The way of lasers moving independently is the main point how it looks intimidating.

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