BC Media: Starting Over

Bad news, folks. The internal team couldn’t undo the termination of my original YouTube channel. It’s been wiped. Permanently.

So I’ll have to start over completely. But I can’t do that without a new laptop. When I come back, it’s gonna be with the best tech I can put on my lap.

That includes an RTX 2060 Razer Blade Laptop, the Wondershare Filmora editing software, and the video game enhancement application, ReShade.

Now, more than ever, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter, where I’m most active. I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford my new equipment, but until then, I’m always gonna find something to talk about on Twitter.

I’m not giving up over something as stupid as a phishing scam. There’s still a lot I can show off, and I won’t pass up on the chance.

I’ve got a Dream to cast. And I won’t let it die.


I feel so sorry to you, recruit.
I remember I was watching your CIU videos and decided to join this forum (it was March '19). I remember seeing your CI5 all bosses video reaches 1M views. Good luck for your new start :+1:. :frowning:

That… was only the beginning.

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A fan of Chicken Invaders, Portal, Mario and Journey?
I think I might enjoy your content. :wink:

(BTW, noticed that Fishdom and Bookworm were also there and can’t help but think you would enjoy Insaniquarium Deluxe)

Oh… cool?

sorry for the loss of the account
(but really what did it take that much they managed to bring karma channel back but not yours? this is entire bullshit)

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