BC Media: I friggin' LOVE the new Ion Blaster!

Finally got around to trying the newest build, and there’s a lot to like about the weapon upgrades!

Neutron Gun got a small upgrade, the Utensil Poker now has ALL the pitchforks at Max Power, and now the Ion Blaster. My gosh, the Ion Blaster!

This new thing is a BEAST! The damage is satisfying, it feels a lot faster to fire, and the projectile layout feels like a re-incarnated version of how it was in CI1!

Now I can hold the Ion Blaster on the same level as the Neutron Gun and the Utensil Poker, and that’s DEFINITELY a compliment!


Indeed. It looks sweet and can finally challenge the forks and neutrons now. You can even use Ion blaster in some cases forks or neutrons suck at.


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