BC Media: Backup my Progress?

Only version folder.

Trying to find the CIU folder before starting up, but I can’t.

You can first launch the game and it will for sure create it. When I moved my CIU folder to my new PC I just created a bootleg account and then swapped it.

So I move the entire CIU folder and not just the 49 folder?

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If you have the full CIU folder then why not. It surely won’t destroy anything. But you mentioned that you can’t find the CIU folder.

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I assume it’s not there because I haven’t run CIU yet.

Well then launch it and it will appear there.

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*it should appear. Who knows if it’s gonna appear, maybe we’ll run on a new bug.

But if I run it, won’t that automatically start a new profile? Or will that change when I close it and then add the new v49 folder?

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Yeah, I also played few minutes on a new account so when I was actually swapping the files I just deleted the “xx” version folder and moved my old files. It worked. And don’t worry about making a mess on the server because it will automatically get deleted.

Well, in the last, you launch CIU, it will make the CIU folder, and it will automatically make the current version folder (right now, v49), then you transfer the 49 folder from your old device to your new device, then it will transfer the old progress to your new device. If it didn’t work, let us know.

It worked!

New laptop means new content soon!


Enjoy your new laptop then!

You have to create it.

But he already launched the game.

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